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In the decade since Equine-Ranch™ was born so much has changed. Technology and time have advanced. Games have become more complicated, more advanced, more immersive.

Equine-Ranch: Vintage!™ takes us back to yesteryear, to a time when E-R was a mere yearling. To the early days of the game and the genre, E-R circa 2005. One of the most advanced genetic based sims of its time, this eight year old version is still sophisticated enough to compete in the current market, but it has a definite nostalgic feel.

Actual Game Horse

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  • 244 horse and pony breeds from around the world
  • 192 real colors
  • 19 real patterns
  • 11 disciplines (with many classes each)
  • 7 competition brackets
  • 7 account levels to choose from
  • Advanced, genetic-based breeding engine
  • Modern mobile-ready layout that retains the vintage circa 2005 feel

Equine-Ranch: Vintage!™ is an interactive browser based horse game centered around breeding and training to produce show or racing Champions. With true to life color genetics and several inherited traits, it provides complex and challenging entertainment.

Here you can breed, raise, train, buy, sell and show virtual horses to Championships titles in seven bracket levels. Join thousands of others in the quest to breed the perfect horse! Choose from over 240 breeds from all around the world to fill your simulated stable. Learn how to pair the color genes to produce specific colors. With 192 colors and 19 coat patterns totaling over 80,000,000 genetic combinations Equine-Ranch: Vintage!™ is sure to have something to offer you.

If you are interested in performance, our events are for you. Each event has individual judging criteria and takes the entire horse, both its training and its inherited traits into consideration in the judging. Breed for the perfect horse for Hunter Over Fences, English In-Hand, Western Reining, Five Gait Pleasure or one of the dozens of other classes offered.

If you've always dreamed of breeding top horses but real life has kept that dream from you, then Equine-Ranch: Vintage!™ offers you the chance to realize that dream virtually. Join us today and start building your dream stables!

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