Champions bred by ER Imports

Name Breed Gender
GCh >RMHR< Appalachian Classic Rocky Mountain Horse Gelding
GCh >RMHR< Clean Slate Rocky Mountain Horse Mare - Bred
GCh >RMHR< Cloud Rocky Mountain Horse Gelding
GCh >RSC< Bilbaina Andalusian Sterile Mare
GCh >RSC< Melodia Andalusian Mare - Bred
GCh >RSC2< Denmark American Saddlebred Stallion
NatCh >RSC9< Navarro Paso Fino Gelding
GCh <RDR> Nubivagant Wanderlust Fjord Mare
GCh <RDR> Orphic Frisson Fjord Stallion
GCh <RDR> Selcouth Trouvaille Arabian Stallion
NatCh *DR* Merlin Hanoverian Gelding
GCh *DR* Skywalker Thoroughbred Gelding
GCh *GMF* Lady's Wild Rose American Saddlebred Mare
GCh *GMF* Warriors Farewell American Saddlebred Stallion
GCh +GR+ Bracken Shire Stallion

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